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National Cyber-physical Platform
From video games
to technology education
is a series of video games showing the diversity of the world of modern technology
Berloga games include programming to improve the performance of the units as well as educational modules offline and online to unlock new features
Player and mechanics
Meet representatives of different "traditions" - designers, programmers, bioengineers and others. Help them discover themselves by acting as assistants, commanders, and friends that bears from the other side of the galaxy can rely on.
Game world
Program various machines using the visual programming language of hierarchical state machines.
Take online courses and participate in open events in programming, electronics, unmanned transportation, space engineering and other advanced technologies and earn achievements in the game.
Jump into the real world, participate in live events and join technology kruzhok: master new technologies, create your own engineering projects, participate in competitions, and enroll in technological universities.
With the support of regional ministries, we are launching networks of kruzhoks of the National Cyber-physical Platform and creating mobile games about current technologies. In 2023, a pilot project was successfully implemented in the Republic of Bashkortostan.
The year 2023 results
  • 91 kruzhoks based on 51 organizations
  • 77 teachers in the project
  • 18 new educational programs
  • 580 face-to-face events
  • 5460 participants of the events
  • 10 000+ played "Berloga" games
In 2024 a region or an organization can take part of the project
Effects of participation for the region
  • Training of relevant human resources

    Professional images and trajectories important for the development of the region's economy

  • Involvement of school students
    Game mechanics that engage teenagers in important areas of knowledge and practical skills
  • Cultural education

    Historical and cultural images specific to the region in the world of Berloga

  • Enhancing mentors and renewing content
    Enhancing the teaching staff and updating educational programs to the frontier level
Effects of participation for the kruzhok and the mentor
  • Expansion of topics and activities of the kruzhok, additional equipment

  • Professional development for mentors and inclusion in a community of mentors and developers on your subject matter
  • Attracting new kruzhok members from mobile games and increasing student interest through the context of the game
  • New roles for kruzhok's participants: assistants, ambassadors, workshop facilitators

  • Building project, contest and production teams

  • Inclusion in the advanced technological field of theory and practice, methodological workshop on cyber-physics
Types of kruzhoks that can participate in the project
NTO training kruzhok
Kruzhoks on the topics of the National Technological Olympiad (hereinafter also referred to as NTO) profiles aimed at training finalists and winners of advanced engineering team competitions in Russia, development of competencies in solving complex engineering problems. Special training kits recommended by profile developers are required to implement the programs in the kruzhok.
Engineering and manufacturing kruzhok
Fablabs equipped with the necessary equipment for prototyping (carpentry workshop, 3D printers, laser machine, etc.), allowing to introduce technical creativity in the areas of general engineering training: electronics, design, modeling, prototyping, digital production.
Robotics kruzhok
Kruzhoks with various robotics constructors, allowing to implement educational programs in the field of unmanned transport, flying robotics, "smart home", neurotechnology and other areas related to robotics and basic competencies in this field - programming, electronics and construction.
Programming kruzhok
Kruzhoks equipped with computers and, if possible, additional equipment (helmets or virtual reality glasses, photo and video cameras, etc.) aimed at developing competencies in artificial intelligence, computer vision, information security, programming, mobile development and other related areas.
What we are developing within the platform
Meet the edgy adventure comics!
For questions on cooperation and participation in the project, please write to us on the mail
Kruzhok Movement - All-Russian community of enthusiasts of technical creativity, taking up current technological challenges. The community is built on the principle of horizontal connections of people, ideas, resources and covers more than 470,000 schoolchildren, students, mentors in all regions of the country.
The Agency for Strategic Initiatives is an "agent of change" working together with leaders on large-scale initiatives and uniting the efforts of society, business and the state.
The NTI (National Technological Initiative) Platform is an association of participants in the NTI ecosystem for quantitative and qualitative growth of technology companies with global ambitions.
Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bashkortostan.